Who am I




A graduate in business communications, I started my professional life at Crédit Agricole du Nord Est and spent 10 years gaining experience at a large company, working in several roles within the commercial sector and communications department. This professional background gave me the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in terms of business relations and human relationships. Negotiation and organisation punctuated my daily working life throughout my time at the company, but customer satisfaction was always my primary objective.

As I am naturally determined and keen to help others, I started volunteering on the Administrative Council of a cultural and leisure organisation (the “Association Espace Loisir Culture”, at the MJC (youth cultural centre) in Montmirail in 2005. Vice-president and in charge of communication, I was specifically responsible for the organisation of our annual theatre production and other one-off events throughout the year.
From an artistic family background, I then became an amateur actor in the “La Comédie Fhélène” theatre company in the 90s. Acting has always been one of my passions and this helped the development of my creative talent.

My own social occasions – my wedding, my children’s christenings, our birthdays and other parties – have always been extremely well organised, with very little left to chance. This is why I decided to take the next step, and in January 2015 I headed to Paris to train as a wedding planner. Naturally this improved my knowledge and skills in wedding planning and managing all other types of private social occasions.

Today, I love working to turn people’s dreams into reality: my motto is “anything is possible”. To make this happen, I only work with people that I can trust. My expertise and my skills in the field of organisation are now available to help you.

When it comes to your business events and private social occasions, my role is to provide advice and take on the responsibility for planning and organising your event, with a particular focus on logistics. As an experienced event manager, I can take care of all the details with the various suppliers for you, ensuring that your event takes place without a hitch.


We are at your side for every phase of the organisation process and we are always available to help.

Please get in touch if you would like more information.